Leaving city life to ease the pace, living close to nature again and discovering new and old ways of the land. That is how Wild Wool started for me.

I feel inspired being surounded by nature, feeling wonder and seeing beauty in the smallest things and stories in life we encounter.

In wanting to contribute to a healthy planet, I love the idea that nothing has to go to waste. Sheep wool is one of those valuable recources given to us to wear, to enjoy or feel cosy at home in. For me, creating a new fleece in an organic and animal friendly way, is like a way of recyclin and sharing some of nature's beauty.

I hope you will find a fleece that you love!

Invite nature back into your home! ♥

W I L D  W O O L  D E S I G N


T: 0031 (0)629417734

Atelier: Alpaca Mountain, Sweikhuizen

© 2018 by Wild Wool Design

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